Inventory and Equipment for A Nail Salon

How much money you will be spending on a nail salon really does depend on the size of the enterprise. Nail salons range from being tiny mall kiosks with one or two people working n those to full nail studios that have many chairs and also offer multiple spa services.

What you will need is going to depend on what you offer but most salons offer basic manicures and pedicures, acrylic nails, gel and fiberglass nails and airbrushing.

Nail Grooming and Design Supplies

Running a nail salon has some absolute items that must be in your inventory to run the business.

First off you need blocks and buffs that are used to buff skin on the fingers and toes to prep the nails for other treatments. You can also get electronic buffers that do the same job faster. Nail files and emery boards are also necessary for filing nails as are nail scissors and clippers.

Nail polishes in every color of the rainbow and nail polish remover are also essential supplies as are tissues, towels and hand sanitizers.

If you are offering tips and fake nails then you will be investing in nail gels, French wraps, false nails and nail tips. These nails need glue and also table top UV lights and dryers that help flash harden the acrylic. If designs are being painted on the nails then you will also need nail brushes (they look like tiny artist brushes.)

There are also all kinds of manicure and pedicure treatments and creams that are used to strengthen nails, make then grow faster or dry them quickly that you might want to invest in. Before treatment hands and feet are often soaked in special treatments that help prepare the skin and nails for polishing.

If you are offering pedicure treatments you will need foot files and blocks, pedicure slippers, rock salt for cleansing feet and other specialty items.

There are many nail outlet sources that sell these materials online at great discounts. All you have to do is put what you are searching for into a popular search engine like Google.

Basic Computer Software

Be sure to factor in basic scheduling calendar so your employees as well as the cost of a basic website.

Most nail salons currently use a point of sale inventory control and management system that helps monitor everything. These systems have a printer, scanner and cash drawer that is easily set up the front of the store. However if your business is small you can get away with just a drawer and a computer with point-of-sale software in it.

Once you have an inventory in place you can keep it online on excel sheets or you can buy a software program that allows you to input it into your computers at the point of sale. Choose a program that is friendly to Microsoft Word programs (including Excel.) This is because most people that you might hire may only be proficient in Word and Excel.

If you want a classy, contemporary look invest in computer touch screens which have the keyboard onscreen. If you are selling a lot of beauty products a barcode scanner may also be necessary for your business. You do not absolutely need this if your business is small as you can key in the barcode manually on a keyboard.

At your point of sale nobody should be able to use any equipment or software without a password. This is part of your business security. You will also likely want to invest in reliable and easy-to-use accounting software like QuickBooks.

Solid Long-Term Assets

There are some basic equipment needs that you must invest in including manicure tables, pedicure stools and foot baths. You can buy portable foot baths or have them installed as sinks on your floor near your chairs.

It is also a good idea to invest in powerful table lamps as well as manicure equipment carts that contain everything your manicurists need to get their work done. Long-term assets also include signage for the outside of the nail salon, reception area items (a reception desk, chair and phone), equipment needed for each nail treatment station including mirrors, lights, bowls, nail dryers and drawers or tablets for equipment and other necessities.

You are also going to need to furnish your waiting area with a couch, chairs and coffee table, a sound system and a television set. You can also provide a binder of nail art photos for your customers to browse if they need to decide on a design or look for their manicure or pedicure.

If you are selling related beauty products make sure you have plenty of shelves and counters on which to display the products.

Remember that when it comes to your inventory and equipment for successfully running a hygienic and reputable nail salon your reputation is equipment that you choose to purchase so make sure it is state-of-the-art as you can afford, user-friendly and reliable.

Your business should also have stands for brochures and business cards on tables and counters. You should have enough business cards printed to last you two years.